Raised Expectations
Over the past decade, a renewed recognition and appreciation for great coffee has developed with American consumers. This provides an opportunity for employers who are looking for cost effective ways to show employee appreciation while improving morale and productivity in the workplace.

No More Glass
However, the traditional glass bowl, pour over coffee is no longer able to deliver on these raised expectations. Peakland Coffee has completely converted all brewing equipment to state of the art, digitally controlled, thermal brewers and single cup portion pack and pod brewers. While this equipment is far more expensive, it is the only way to provide the quality, consistency and reliability that today’s consumers demand.

Many of today’s top line roasters, including Starbucks, contractually require their Office Coffee Suppliers to use thermal airpots instead of glass bowls for brewing. It makes that big of a difference. The biggest threats to the breakdown in coffee flavor after brewing are oxygen contact and heat. Glass bowl brewers therefore cause rapid breakdown in flavor, as well as producing a fire hazard.

Great coffee begins with great water
Since all of our brewers are ‘plumbed’ to your existing water supply, we install and maintain specialized water filtration units that condition the municipal water supply. Controlling the Ph levels in your water and removing the chlorine, fluoride and other chemicals and sediments help to produce the best tasting brewed coffee and drinks. This filtration process also helps to reduce the equipment maintenance requirements as it reduces lime scale buildup and corrosion inside each brewer.

Single Cup Revolution
Over the past few years, the Office Coffee market has widely embraced the single cup brewer. These brewers allow a user to select a specific blend or flavor of coffee or tea, and have it brewed, on demand, one cup at a time. Once used, the cartridges simply fall into a waste bin inside the machine. There is nothing to touch and no messy cleanup. These machines provide a memorable experience for your customers and office visitors. Whether you choose a Bean-to-Cup brewer, a Cartridge Brewer or a Pod Brewer, all of these systems offer:

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