Peakland Coffee Service is in the service business. The word "service" is even in our name. Service is truly the foundation to our success and our clients' happiness. Over the years, we have perfected all of the elements that are combined to ensure our clients' expectations are exceeded on a daily basis. Our clients and our prospective clients recognize and appreciate our service philosophy and our unique ability to successfully execute and deliver.

Peakland’s two primary service objectives are:

1. Our customers should never run out of product;
2. Our equipment, including coffee airpots, should always be clean and functioning.

The Peakland Service Agreement assures the following:

During each client site visit, we will perform the following:

We recognize that you and your company have more important things to focus on rather than maintaining a clean and operational break room and tracking inventory of break room supplies. Peakland Coffee is in business to relieve you of these tasks. Our business is Office Coffee Service. Let us help you.

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